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11 September, 2001
Four Airliners were hijacked. Two flew into the towers of the World Trade Center and one flew into the Pentagon. One crashed in Pennsylvania.

25 January, 2003
Bam in Iran experienced a devastating earthquake. Aside from the massive destruction caused by the earthquake, an estimated 30,000 people died and another 20,000 people are missing, about ten times the number of deaths reported during the 9/11 attacks.

1 February, 2004
Justin Timberlake reached his right arm across Janet Jackson's torso and removed a detachable portion of Janet Jackson's costume, causing her right breast to be exposed during the half-time ceremonies. Timberlake initially called the incident a "wardrobe malfunction". Janet Jackson later apologized for the incident, saying that none of the major broadcast networks involved knew of it, and that she had not intended to offend.

One of the new commercials was for a product called Cialis, a sex performance enhancement drug. (
One of the medical disclaimers for the drug is: "Erections lasting more than 4 hours, though rare, require immediate medical attention."

4 January, 2004
An elderly lady was reportedly pulled from the rubble caused by the earthquake in Bam, Iran after being trapped in the rubble for 8 days.

On ABC around a week or so ago, the news was about a drunken pilot who was flying erratically over Philly and Limerick Nuclear Power Plant, nearly hitting an airliner, for three hours before even the police were notified! Feds never appear to have been notified at all.

Source code, a "blueprint" to Microsoft's Windows OS has been leaked to the internet.

The Pioneer receiver in the computer room died (see computer room), the speaker protection relay will not stay engaged any more. I have replaced it with a lovely SAE I102 amplifier! (See Work History/Amplifiers)

20 Feb  ABC
A civilian scientist pricked her thumb with a needle while injecting a mouse with weakened ebola. Eight days after exposing herself to weakened ebola, she remains sypmtom-free

25 Feb, 2004
The Passion Opens at theaters

29 Feb, 2004
Jean-Bertrand Aristide has resigned as President and  has fled Haiti, after being pressured by the people of his country for weeks.

3 March, 2004 (After Super Tuesday)
After at least 10 bombs went off in Iraq, in Baghdad and Karbala, killing and injuring hundreds, John Kerry took nine out of ten states yesterday and appears to be on his way.
Scientists say evidence suggests that Mars was once drenched with water.

5 March, 2004  ABC News:

8 Mar, 2004  ABC
The Passion of the Christ has cleared $200,000,000 after just twelve days. The country of Iraq has a new constitution.

11 Mar, 2004  ABC
Lee Boyd Malvo, the 17 year old Washington area sniper gets life in prison without parole.

18 Mar, 2004 ABC
Singer Courtney Love is arrested at a New York nightclub for tossing a mike and injuring a man hours after repeatedly baring her breasts on the Letterman show.

30 March, 2004
A woman in Texas is on trial for stoning her children, killing the two older ones and severely injuring the other; claims God told her to do it.

8 April, 2004
Condoleezza Rice testifies (bad word; speaks) before the 9/11 inquiry board.

21 April, 2004 ABC
Soviet rocket has docked with the International Space Station to re-supply it and to rotate the crew.

01 May, 2004  BBC

CBS exposes pictures of prisoners being tortured by US troops in Iraq and ABC's Nightline spends an hour honoring over 700 Americans who died in Iraq by showing their images and reading their names, causing huge controversy.

Also, the European Union has added 10 nations, bringing the European Union's population to about 450 million.


The American public has heard nothing about the "black box(es") aboard that aircraft, flight 93. The main stream news coverage was the largest to date, lasting at least a week, 24 hours a day.


There were a couple days of moderate coverage by the main stream news. Americans did not shout, "We are all Iranians today!"


Mainstream network news coverage of this was intense, causing the Director of the FCC to appear before Charles Gibson on ABC's Good Morning America. Charles Gibson asked probing questions like, "Well, isn't this what we see every day?" Since the coverage was intense and lasted for days, it appeared bigger than the coverage of the nightmare Christmas earthquake in Iran.


This offends me more than Janet Jackson's bare breast. (Which I didn't see; I didn't watch the half-time show; I only saw it during news coverage where it was blurred out)


The woman proclaimed that she had been kept alive by God.

That same morning, on the same broadcast, the news was that 5 flights were cancelled due to terrorist threats on 1 Feb, 2004. As far as I can tell, the Homeland Security Department never even heard about the drunken pilot.
Friday the 13'th. Also, scientists in Finland say that women drivers get in more automobile accidents on this day.

Friday the 13th affected me negatively for the greater good. Now I'm off to update The Computer Room and Work History/Amplifiers.

You may want to look up "ebola" Search or something


WOW! Thanks, Mel! Look at all the To-Do! Most people seem to like the movie... Now, about that Gay Marriage thing... Haven't we got better things to do?

Leap Year
About 200,000 Americans have birthdays that land on Feb 29, which date only exists during a leap year (ABC?)


Why War?


Ed: Go, Kerry!


Thank God for the good, for infinity, and for the news.


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The really big news is that Domestic Diva, Martha Stewart faces probable prison time and shares in Martha Stewart Living fell drastically in price.

Dianna Ross gets two days in jail for a previous DUI offense.

On a related note, singer Kurdt Cobain can now be considered a liar. After repeatedly singing "and I swear that I don't have a gun", he shot himself in the head. This may be under review!


In NO WAY does this website support that woman's opinion, nor is her opinion to be considered the opinion of this website.


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It appears America was too cheap to build a safe Space Shuttle and is, therefore, grounded, necessitating that a Soviet rocket perform this service.

Christina Aguilera strains vocal chords in studio, forcing her to cancel tour (28 performances)

The greatest nation on earth, the USA, has a population of under 300 million.