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Tough Questions for the rich:
How much money does a businessman need?
 [ANS: More!]
How can anyone consider oneself important enough to warrant building a Panic Room or to attempt to Cryogenically preserve oneself?
How can anyone play with a million dollars, let alone a billion if there's one person living in poverty, hunger, pain, or any other kind of misery?
How can you want riches after having read the Bible or professed to believe? What kind of riches do you want?
How can the show, "The Apprentice", headed up by Donald Trump, appear on  network Television, let alone how can anyone watch it?
How can you want to control more money when you can't keep up with spending the money you have amassed?
How DARE you use money to control people; how DARE you use money to steal people's time?
Why do the rich and the Government have to hide so carefully behind a structure of managers and call centers, instead of just discoursing with the people?
Why are the politicians in the government so well-to-do when the people can't earn a living?
How can you promote waste (through advertising) to the point where America produces fifty percent of the world's garbage?
How can the government let any of this happen?
How important is green paper??
According to Jesus, these questions will eventually be answered.