and the chaos theory

It has been said, by me, recently, that the universe may very well be only one of God's projects.

I have read that Mick Jagger said that "it's ok to let yourself go as long as you can let yourself back."

I have listened to Jack White's Seven Nation Army.
I have flown over the trunk of a car at about 50 miles per hour.
I have ingested nearly every drug there is.
I have understood and enjoyed Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb.
I have pondered infinity to the infinite power.
I been scratched, I been bit. I been kicked, I been hit.
If I choose, I can be the Good, the Truth, The light! Why wouldn't I?
So far, I have Always been able to return to The LESSON!

YAI! (Yet Another Infinity)

I have listened to:
Into The Fire


I'm sorry, I can't help you "get" this song. It's much too big for this website. You'll have to "get it" on your own.