The Snow
Work History
The Snow
and The Building
In the winter of 2003, in between jobs, I shovelled, if my math is correct, and I believe it is, easily over 100,000 pounds of snow from around my building and my 1984 diesel Volkswagen Rabbit in a period of two days, shovelling for 20 minutes and resting for 10 minutes.
The black dot on the left side is the mail box (rural)
I have worked all my life to buy, pay for, and maintain this building so that my wife and I, and earlier, my daughters, would have a place to live and store our possessions.
It is in constant danger of being taken from me by greedy people that think they need more dollars.

A picture of my building

and the Rabbit

A picture of my VW Rabbit buried in snow

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Sue's Alterations is closed now, because my wife has a medical condition involving her arm, which is not getting fixed quickly because of health insurance problems and mis-diagnoses.