Computer Room

Here's the hardware:
The Computer Room

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Two computers, each with a 19 inch monitor.
On the left is a generic computer with a Gigabyte 266 ddr motherboard and a 1.4 gigahertz Athlon processor. It has a network card, a G-Force graphics card with TV out, and a lovely Winfast 2000 XP Tv tuner card with FM and video and audio capture. The card has an infra-red remote control! That card was given to me for Christmas by my older daughter! The motherboard has onboard sound. There are two IDE hard drives: a 30 gigabyte 5400 rpm Western Digital with Windows 98 installed and a 20 gigabyte 7200 rpm Maxtor with Amithlon installed. Amithlon is an AmigaDOS emulator that "rides" on a Linux kernal. In other words  the software available for the computer described below can also be run at 1.4 gigahertz. Due to battles over money, Amithlon is no longer available. This computer also has a 56k modem and 256 megs of memory. It has a 52x CD-ROM and a 52x 24x 52x CD-Writer, also given to me by my older daughter!

On the right is an Amiga 4000. It runs only AmigaDOS. It has a 50 megahertz processor made by Motorola. The processor needs no fan or heatsink. The computer easily browses as fast as the machine on the left described above. This one has 144 megs of ram (memory). The motherboard has an IDE interface. The accelerator board houses a 50 megahertz Motorola 68060 processor and also has a 50 pin narrow SCSI interface and port. The computer has a Picasso IV graphics card. Software allows the user to create virtually any kind of screen mode that the monitor can do. Any height and width, vert and hor scan rate that the monitor can do, in 8 bit, 15 bit, 16 bit, or 24 bit color. The video card has a 16 bit Concierto sound card plugged into it. This card can sample sound and do many other very useful things. This machine has a 10/100 network card (X-Surf) and is networked to the machine on the left and to the internet (DSL) via a D-Link router. This machine has an Epson scanner attached to it via a special parallel port cable made by me. It has a Multiface card. The multiface card has multiple serial and parallel ports. Attached to this card is a serial cable (came with the camera) that allows me to retrieve, delete, whatever, pictures from my Olympus D-450Z digital camera. This machine also has two 4.3 gig SCSI hdd's, one internal and one external. This machine also has an internal SCSI CD-Rom and a Yamaha external CD Burner and an external Pioneer 6 CD Changer and an ancient external Toshiba 2x CD-Rom. The machine has a switch and keys. I can insert a key and turn it and the mouse and keyboard are disabled. I rarely have done that to make sure it worked. This machine has unbelievable free software available that I could probably spend the rest of my life describing! Screen blankers from hell! There is a really nice FTP client installed that was absolutely free, for example. The browsers were not free. The TCP/IP client was not free, but it's IMMENSELY configurable. Between the two machines, I own the three browers available for AmigaDOS. The mail client (YAM) was free. ImageFX, the paint program that also runs the scanner, I had to pay a pretty penny for. Trust me, this machine does all kinds of things a Windows-based system can't do.

There is also an Epson Stylus 800 Color printer. Not shown is the stereo that serves both Computers. There are a REALLY nice S.A.E. amp with digital controls (the first of its kind, I believe!) (see Work History/Amplifiers) and REALLY old Dynaco speakers that got rave reviews about 25-30 years ago and sound lovely.

I have left out much, but time may be short.