Work History
________ Arrogance

When I was very young, I was presented with a task in school. We were all given the beginning of a story and asked to write an ending. The story was about a witch. I wrote what I thought was an ingenious ending and won.

In the Air Force, I spent about seven years at Dover AFB. I wanted the assignment because I was newly married and insecure and because my parents planned to move to Elkins Park, just northest of Philadelphia. The move came about because my hard working father was laid off by Volkswagen after over thirty years of near-perfect attendance. He had worked his way up from janitor to District Parts Operations Manager. Moore Motors in Philadelphia was happy to have him. Among other things, they had furniture to give us. On leave, with my friend Marty, I helped them move. We moved lots of furniture into Ryder trucks, drove the trucks (in snow, at times) from East Grand Rapids, Michigan to Elkins Park, and unloaded the furniture. This is one of my works.
I also consider creating this website a pretty good work.



The Rabbit

At Dover



The Cabrio

The Snow