FREE Yourself!

The less you need the better off you are. It's not quite readily apparent that everything you have, someone else can't have, but it's quite true.

The clue on the television show, Jeopardy, some time ago, was: This nation contains a mere 16% of the world's population, yet produces 50% of the world's garbage. Of course the question was, "what is the United States?" Advertising has conditioned us to be needy, greedy, and wasteful. To really get God, one has to consider each and every action one takes from a perspective of whether or not it's good or bad; NOT merely if it's good or bad for oneself!

A lot of people are getting it nowadays! If you watch the movie "Panic Room" carefully, and read up a little, you discover that the writer(s) and someone BIG at the studio get it and the director does (at least did) NOT. Nicole Kidman broke her leg during the making of the movie and the director advised that the movie be shut down, yet the studio refused to shut it down.

No matter what you have, if you gather things (money, nowadays), it will never be enough. They are counting on your greed. It keeps them in business. Were it not for the average man's greed, there would be NO excuse for what they do.

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